SolvePhysicswithSam . AskMrChan

December 23, 2023

Beyond fortunate to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with two of the most renowned tutors for International Baccalaureate (IB).

Xin Wei is an IBO-certified Chemistry specialist with extensive teaching experience in Anglo-Chinese School Independent (ACSI), where he was Deputy Director for Knowledge Management. On top of his teaching expertise, he was Deputy Head of Student Leadership in Meridian Junior College. His dedication to teaching is complemented by his love for technology and the great outdoors. Trained in Chemistry from NUS, Xin Wei is passionate to provide a supportive learning environment that is both engaging and effective.

Samuel is an IB Physics specialist and founder of to help educators create an immersive digital classroom. He is trained in Chemical Engineering from NUS, with years of experience as a banking analyst, but has found his niche in helping students love Physics. His self-deprecating title as a “Torturer and Terrible Tutor at Terrible Teaching” masks his authentic desire to be perfect at his craft. Samuel is result-oriented and delivers powerful life lessons, all while keeping his student thoroughly amused.