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Reviews from Former Students

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Junheng Chan
Junheng Chan
November 29, 2022.
Mr Luo is the best math tutor I have met. He is able to cater his teaching to individual students even though the lessons are in a class setting and that has benefitted me greatly. My H2 Math grade improved from E to A under his patient guidance!
Bryan Tan Jia Jun
Bryan Tan Jia Jun
November 12, 2022.
I was privileged to be under the tutelage of Mr Luo back in 2017 for H2 Mathematics. His ability to dissect technical math concepts in an engaging, yet extremely clear and intuitive way allowed me to have a deeper appreciation when learning the subject. Most importantly, his policy of making sure that no questions asked are 'foolish' always ensures that I feel comfortable seeking clarification to topics I am not yet familiar with, which really helped ensure that I have a stronger mastery of the core subject matter, understanding concepts intuitively instead of rote learning. I believe that students who are under him will be in great hands, and certainly be influenced by his infectious enthusiasm in imparting mathematical knowledge!
Justin Chua
Justin Chua
October 30, 2022.
Graduated 2018 A grade for H2 Math A levels Like most JC students, i was struggling with H2 math in J1 (2017) and ended the year with an E grade for my end of years. After tutoring with eipimath, my grades dramatically improved and H2 math became much easier to cope with. Mr Luo provides notes and resources of his own which are extremely useful as well. Mr Luo also ensures all his students understands the concepts fully before jumping into questions. To top it all off, he also generously provides drinks and snacks for his students! If you take his tuition seriously, your grades are sure to improve!
Liew Xiu Yun Angie
Liew Xiu Yun Angie
October 26, 2022.
Had the chance to be taught H2 Math by Mr Luo back in 2018. Went to him (introduced by my friend) after I scored U for my MYE/Prelims and was panicking for A levels the very same year. Each class was very efficient and he always explains the questions very clearly, focusing more on the thinking process and big picture such that if the same "sort" of question came out again, i'd be able to apply what i've learnt from him. His classes weren't dreadful and I was always looking forward to seeing how he'd approach all sorts of questions.
Denise Choo
Denise Choo
October 22, 2022.
Really grateful to Mr Luo for helping me with JC math. He really takes the time to understand the root cause of our confusion and I really appreciate that because I'm not a very fast learner and take some time to understand concepts. He is always very patient and kind, even when I ask the same question over and over again. Thank you so much!
Gareth Koh
Gareth Koh
October 22, 2022.
Mr Luo helped me pull up my H2 math grade from a U to an A at A levels. He explains concepts very clearly and focuses on understanding rather than rote learning.
Natasha Wong
Natasha Wong
October 20, 2022.
Mr Luo is an excellent tutor 💯 Not only is he patient and eager to help, he creates a very safe and supportive environment for learning and asking questions. He puts a lot of thought behind his teaching methods and explains concepts super clearly. I was attending his classes for a few months before referring a few classmates to him as they were searching for a math tutor. Six of my classmates were so impressed after the 1st trial lesson that they became his students immediately! Under Mr Luo's tutorage, I secured an A in my 'A' Levels. I'm so grateful for his help and would recommend him to any student!
Benjamin Yeo
Benjamin Yeo
October 19, 2022.
As a previous student of Mr Luo, I can testify to his adaptable teaching methods, excellent communication skills, and conducive academic culture. Studying HL Mathematics for the IB Diploma under him, I was allowed to understand complex content in simple ways and improve my skills by the topic progressively. I remain in touch with Mr Luo as a great resource to current students asking for help, and a friend when I am back in Singapore!
Tricia Ong
Tricia Ong
October 19, 2022.
Mr Luo was super knowledgeable and always provided good ways to approach math questions that helped to make concepts much easier to understand. He was always ready to answer our questions, even outside sessions. 10/10 recommend :))
Yvette Wu
Yvette Wu
October 18, 2022.
Mr Luo was engaging and effective and really good at his craft!
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What We Offer

At eipimath, we offer math private tuition for A-Level, IB, O-Level and IP.

Our math tuition classes in Bukit Timah are for one-to-one, small groups (2 - 3 students), and larger tuition classes (4 - 8 students ).

For smaller classes, our teaching methods focus on effective learning strategies so all our students can cope with the latest school syllabus. Students in our larger class usually already have a solid foundation, so we offer structured lesson plans, challenging questions, and problem sums to further stretch their knowledge.

Need a specialised math tutor? Contact us today!

Our Strengths and Track Record

Dedicated teacher who improves learning by adopting effective learning strategies and using quality school notes
Eipimath tuition center, good math tuition centers, A-Level, IB, IP, O-Level math tuition

Our tuition classes are taught by Mr Luo Xingqun, a math tutor with extensive teaching experience. He has worked with junior college, IB and secondary school students from many schools. Having taught mathematics since 2014, his track record includes helping A-Level JC students improve from ‘E’ to ‘B’ in just 6 lessons

Mr Luo helps students to improve by setting realistic academic goals and building a strong foundation in math. His teaching method is focused on a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, instead of mindless rote learning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What math subjects do you teach?

We specialize in the following subjects for small group private tuition:



Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level, Junior College (JC) A-Level

• Higher 2 Mathematics (H2 Math)

• Higher 1 Mathematics (H1 Math)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

• Analysis and Approaches Higher Level (IB Math AA HL)

• Analysis and Approaches Standard Level (IB Math AA SL)

• Applications and Interpretation Higher Level (IB Math AI HL)

• Applications and Interpretation Standard Level (IB Math AI SL)

Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level

• Secondary O-Level

• Additional Mathematics (A-Math)

• Elementary Mathematics (E-Math)

Integrated Programme

IP Math

How much do you charge for math tuition?

These are our rates for math tuition classes in Bukit Timah:

Group Size

IB / A-Level

Total 4 lessons

(8 hours)

O-Level / IP

Total 4 lessons

(6 hours)





2 - 3 students




4 - 8 students



What days & timings are you available for classes?

One advantage of getting a tutor is that you can find a schedule that meets your needs. These are our timings for math tuition at Bukit Timah:



Mon - Fri

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM


9:00 AM

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM


Please enquire.

Do you travel to the tutee's homes for lessons?

Our classes for one-to-one or small group tuition in Bukit Timah are held at 2 Toh Yi Drive (Right outside Beauty World MRT Exit C). Larger Math classes are held in a spacious classroom at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

If you require home tuition, please contact us. We'll be happy to reach out to colleagues who can do so.

Can online lessons replace in-person lessons?

The idea of a virtual classroom is certainly not hatched during Covid-19. Records of the earliest online courses trace back to the 1980s – the decade associated with the birth of the Internet, and widespread use of personal computers.

For more than thirty years, online learning has played an ancillary role, filling the gaps in traditional classroom teaching. Pre-recorded videos first began as a partial remedy for absent students, but later evolved into a full-fledged solution for remote learning. The launch of YouTube in 2005, which enabled Khan Academy in 2008, championed the vision of a high-quality online classroom, accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Having occurred in an era of high technological penetration, the abrupt pandemic coerced the world to wholly adopt online lessons, or risk a complete halt to every student’s learning. The unprecedented move meant that even the old guards among educators could not fend off the onslaught of technology. In the blink of an eye, warm and lively classrooms transformed into cold and lifeless Zoom lessons. Although we jestfully exaggerate the new world, it juxtaposes the natural growth of Khan Academy with the anomalous proliferation of Zoom school.

To cushion the blow on students’ performance, school administrators hastily reduced the exam rubrics. In Singapore, SEAB removed common last topics from PSLE, O-Level and A-Level for 2020 and 2021. IB students here benefitted from lower grade boundaries, while their overseas peers could opt for a non-exam route, using internal assessments to predict their grades.

Crucially, the shift to online learning coincided with a discount in grading criteria, contributing to a biased assessment of virtual classrooms. Based on early data, the New York Times (Sep 1, 2022) wrote: ‘The Pandemic Erased Two Decades of Progress in Math and Reading’. Like a canary in the coal mine, it remains to be seen the repercussions when exam rubrics return to pre-pandemic standards.

Summing up the discussion, we quote Sal Khan on the limitations of Khan Academy’s online lectures: "I think they're valuable, but I'd never say they somehow constitute a complete education.“ Here at eipimath, we offer in-person lessons at the doorstep of Beauty World MRT, conveniently located in Upper Bukit Timah. For students who stay too far from us, online lessons are available on request.

What other types of tuition are available at eipimath?