JC H2 Math Tuition Singapore: A-Level Math Specialist

Proven teaching method to achieve distinctions for JC1 promo exams and JC2 A-Level

  • Customised lessons for JC Higher 2 (H2 Maths) and Higher 1 (H1 Maths)
  • WhatsApp and Telegram support outside of lessons
  • Learn with your friends in a conducive group
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What Can You Expect from Our Classes?

Class Structure

We offer A-Level math tuition in various group sizes:

  • One-to-one: Lessons are customised by a dedicated math teacher to meet the individual student's learning style and pace.
  • Structured groups: For students who want to learn similar topics and ask targeted questions. Conducive for peer learning through guided discussions. Suitable for students who want extended practice and exposure.

Resources Provided

When you enrol for JC math tuition at eipimath, you benefit from our customised quality resources to assist in your learning:

  • Curated material from established textbooks
  • Concise summaries and key concepts for exam revision

  • Short video lessons on social media platforms
  • Ten-Year Series (TYS) with full solutions

  • Latest prelim papers with full solutions

Additional Support
  • WhatsApp and Telegram JC math tuition support outside of lessons
  • Extended review after school exams and goal-setting for next semester

  • Advice for graduating students: choosing university courses and career prospects

Teaching Style
  • Learning stage: Important math concepts are taught in-depth without rote learning. Relevant proofs and history are presented to trigger genuine interest.
  • Exam stage: Students must take timed trials to learn key mathematical concepts alongside the most efficient techniques. For each problem, every perspective will be explored and distilled into a set of exam-ready methods.

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We offer both JC1 math tuition & JC2 math tuition.

Our Strengths and Track Record

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100% improvement of at least 3 grades

  • Testimonials from former students achieving distinctions in math. Over years of teaching H2 mathematics, our track record includes helping A-Level JC H2 maths students improve from ‘E’ to ‘B’ in just 6 lessons.
  • 80% of A-Level students achieved ‘A’ or ‘B’
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Continued guidance through tertiary education

  • Our former students return for math consultations even after graduating from JC and secondary school.
  • Students trust us to help with math modules in university and polytechnic, in diverse disciplines such as Economics and Engineering. Some even consult us for Excel VBA programming to support their internship roles.
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One-to-One & Small Class Sizes

  • Progress at your own pace with one-to-one personalised attention from a private math tutor who caters to your learning style
  • You can choose to join our structured group lesson for a structured learning environment

Reviews from Former Students in Singapore

45 reviews on
Jun C
Jun C
April 7, 2024.
At the start of JC 2, my kid was struggling a little with maths and requested for help. With only 10 months left before A levels, we searched and struck gold with our first choice. On the first lesson, I was invited to accompany my kid to meet Mr Luo and see the dedicated classroom in his home. The well-equipped, high-tech classroom makes a very conducive learning environment for the students. The equipment also captures and projects the student’s workings enabling Mr Luo to identify areas for improvement. Mr Luo is truly an exceptional teacher. He provided the clarifications my kid needed. Week by week, I could see the growth in my kid’s confidence in Maths. The results speak for itself. My Kid scored A for H2 Maths.
February 7, 2024.
TLDR: Mr Luo is the GOAT fr Ngl I wanted to gate keep Mr Luo till my daughter graduates next year but he asked for a public review & I couldn’t refuse 🤣 My girl is very emotional about tuition, to the extent that sometimes she would cry after trial lessons/be close to tears after tuition. Therefore I try to keep tuition to a minimum— during P6, end of Sec 3 and during Sec 4. Even so, we have cycled through a few tutors and I can safely say she enjoys Mr Luo’s lesson because she doesn’t dread showing up every week. She even requested to continue lessons after O levels. When she first started with Mr Luo at the beginning of Sec 4, she had a C6 for A Math and A2 for E Math (end of Sec 3). With his help, she slayed both subjects during prelims and O levels. If you’re looking to enter your ✨ A1 era ✨ look no further!
Sarah Chan
Sarah Chan
January 5, 2024.
Going through difficult concepts again outside of school helped me to understand them better so I wasn’t just memorising how to do questions, which helps in paper 3 as well
Isaac Tan
Isaac Tan
January 3, 2024.
Engages students and is able to make concepts easier to understand
Rui En Kwang
Rui En Kwang
January 3, 2024.
Sir is very patient with his help and guidance for his students. He always goes the extra mile to check up on our progess and inspires us to do better. Thanks so much sir!
Kelvin Zhang
Kelvin Zhang
December 20, 2022.
Xingqun is a fantastic tutor who consistently focuses about fundamental understanding over just knowing the answer. His tutoring was foundational in my attainment of 7 in HL math; he even predicted the last question of the stats paper 1 day before the exam! Would highly recommend to students looking to improve their grades while enjoying the wonders of math.
Junheng Chan
Junheng Chan
November 29, 2022.
Mr Luo is the best math tutor I have met. He is able to cater his teaching to individual students even though the lessons are in a class setting and that has benefitted me greatly. My H2 Math grade improved from E to A under his patient guidance!
Bryan Tan Jia Jun
Bryan Tan Jia Jun
November 12, 2022.
I was privileged to be under the tutelage of Mr Luo back in 2017 for H2 Mathematics. His ability to dissect technical math concepts in an engaging, yet extremely clear and intuitive way allowed me to have a deeper appreciation when learning the subject. Most importantly, his policy of making sure that no questions asked are 'foolish' always ensures that I feel comfortable seeking clarification to topics I am not yet familiar with, which really helped ensure that I have a stronger mastery of the core subject matter, understanding concepts intuitively instead of rote learning. I believe that students who are under him will be in great hands, and certainly be influenced by his infectious enthusiasm in imparting mathematical knowledge!
Justin Chua
Justin Chua
October 30, 2022.
Graduated 2018 A grade for H2 Math A levels Like most JC students, i was struggling with H2 math in J1 (2017) and ended the year with an E grade for my end of years. After tutoring with eipimath, my grades dramatically improved and H2 math became much easier to cope with. Mr Luo provides notes and resources of his own which are extremely useful as well. Mr Luo also ensures all his students understands the concepts fully before jumping into questions. To top it all off, he also generously provides drinks and snacks for his students! If you take his tuition seriously, your grades are sure to improve!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are our lesson fees for H2 math classes?

These are our tuition rates for Junior College level math:

Group Size

JC A-Level

Total 4 lessons

(8 hours)

JC A-Level

Total 5 lessons

(10 hours)







How long is each maths class?

Each JC math tuition class is 2-hours long.

How frequent are our classes every week?

The number of tuition classes each week depends on whether it's the exam period:

Non-exam period

Exam period

Once a week

Up to twice a week

What are the days and timings available for our classes?

One advantage of engaging a private JC maths tutor is that you can find a schedule that meets your needs.

Here are our weekly timeslots:



Mon - Fri

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM


9:00 AM

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM


Please enquire.

Where are our H1 & H2 math tuition classes conducted?

We conduct one-to-one and group lessons, in-person and online. Here are the different tuition venues:

Group Size


• One-to-one

• Group

2 Toh Yi Drive, 590002
Beauty World MRT Exit C
Beside Bt Timah Market

• Group

Beauty World Centre, 588177
Beauty World MRT Exit A

• Online

Held over Zoom

What A-Level math subjects do we teach?

We specialise in the following subjects for Junior College:



Junior College (JC) A-Level, Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level

• Higher 2 Mathematics (H2 Math)

• Higher 1 Mathematics (H1 Math)

We also offer IP math tuition classes.

What is the difference between H1 and H2 math in junior college?

In terms of syllabus, H2 math is more weighted in pure math problems, while H1 math is more weighted in statistics. It is a common misconception that H1 Math is easier than H2 Math. H1 questions are just as rigorous as H2, but H1 syllabus covers only half of H2.

H2 Math is a pre-requisite for many university courses, including Computing, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics and Science. Due to its essential role in tertiary education, H2 Math is the most popular subject in JC

H2 Math builds on the foundation topics of Additional Math (A-Math) taught in secondary math. Therefore, students with no prior knowledge of A-Math concepts may find it difficult to qualify for H2 Math in JC, and most of them opt to take H1 Math.


Pure Math


H2 Math (Paper 1)

100 marks


H2 Math (Paper 2)

40 marks

60 marks

H2 Math (Total 200 marks)

140 marks (70%)

60 marks (30%)

H1 Math (Total 100 marks)

40 marks (40%)

60 marks (60%)

Is H2 Math challenging for students compared to Additional Math?

For some students, H2 Math can be a nightmare. It is ruthlessly more difficult than Additional Math (A-Math) and demands new skills. For example, students must learn to use graphing calculators not taught at O-Level. Precise algebraic skills are critical, and careless mistakes are penalised heavily. Furthermore, most A-Level questions are non-routine, making it impossible to do well in H2 Math by merely regurgitating the notes.

The gap between H2 Math and A-Math (from sec 3 & 4) has widened over the years, with A-Math removing core topics such as Modulus, Sum & Product of Roots and the Trigonometric Factor Formulas. This means that even for O-Level math students who have done well for A-Math, they still may not be immediately ready for H2 Math. The removal of topics from the A-Math syllabus effectively shifts the workload from O-Level to A-Level, making H2 Math even more content-heavy.

To succeed, we recommend that students must develop a genuine interest in the subject, attempt challenging questions, and practice consistently. Self-discipline and grit are both the necessary traits, and the intended outcomes of your math education. You will benefit from a patient JC maths tutors during weekly 2-hour A-Level H2 Math lessons. Whether you take one-to-one or group JC H2 Math tuition, our comprehensive teaching methodology will guide you to think deeply about your learning and better understand JC math concepts.

Can I cope with H2 Math if I did not take A-Math previously?

Students who did not take A-Math in secondary school must pass a qualifying test in JC in order to take H2 math. In such cases, students are required to self-study two years worth of A-Math topics to catch up with their peers. Topics such as Logarithms, Partial Fractions, Binomial Theorem, Differentiation and Integration are riddled with nuances which require proper guidance from specialised JC math tutors on top of your school teacher.

We offer a holiday crash course for O-Level students who did not take A-Math, but wish to take H2 Math in JC. Cramming two years of A-Math topics in a few months is not an easy task, even with help from Google. Even if you pass the qualifying test to take H2 Math, it is only the tip of the iceberg. It is critical that you build a solid foundation in the O-Level topics before JC1 begins, and attending our secondary math tuition crash course can help prepare and assist students for the school's mathematics curriculum.

If you're worried about how to cope with your H2 Math studies, our math specialist at eipimath, Mr Luo Xingqun, who has been teaching mathematics since 2014, can help you catch up with your peers in maths class through tuition.

What other types of tuition are available at eipimath?