Indeed, go further!

March 13, 2024

Never in my life would I have imagined a one-to-one, up close and personal conversation with Mr Samuel Lim, Indigo Education Group Chairman & Principal. Given his awe-inspiring achievements, and how he is (in his own words) meaningfully occupied, I am deeply humbled to have a moment of his time.

In almost every of my conversations with other educators, we tend to obsess (to varying degrees depending on who) over the delivery in the classroom. Only when sitting beside a visionary like Mr Lim, who has seen the vast ocean beyond the seas and the lush forest beyond the trees, that less discussed (but certainly no less important) topics of mergers and talent acquisitions emerge.

We often quote the “1.4 billion USD tuition industry in Singapore, with an estimated 50,000 tutors providing services to around 200,000 students”, but do not realise that this immense demand cannot be satisfied by only smaller boutique centres.

Today I have met the man who can provide the finest quality education, while holding his hand-picked team to the highest of standards. What keeps me stunned with admiration, on top of being the warmhearted and generous mentor that he is, is his ability to deliver the entire precisely-tuned business at scale. Indeed, go further!