HL Math Tuition: IB Math Specialist

Proven methods to achieve Grade 7 for IB Math

  • Customised lessons for Higher Level (HL Math) and Standard Level (SL Math)
  • WhatsApp and Telegram support outside of lessons
  • Learn with your friends in a conducive group
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What Can You Expect from Our Classes?

Class Structure

We offer IB math tuition in various group sizes:

  • One-to-one: Lessons are customised to the individual student's learning style and pace
  • Small group (2 – 3 students): For students who want to learn similar topics. Effective for peer learning with guided discussions.

  • Class (4 - 8 students): Follows our recommended topic sequence. Suitable for students who want extended practice and exposure. Switching to one-to-one or small group is available when necessary.

Resources Provided

When you enrol for math tuition at eipimath, you benefit from our customised quality resources to assist in your learning:

  • Curated material from established textbooks
  • Concise summaries for exam revision

  • Short video lessons on social media platforms
  • Ten-Year Series (TYS) with full solutions

  • Latest prelim papers with full solutions

Additional Support
  • WhatsApp and Telegram support outside of lessons
  • Extended review after every exam and goal-setting for next semester

  • Advice for graduating students: choosing university courses and career prospects

Teaching Style
  • Learning stage: Math concepts are taught in-depth without rote learning. Relevant proofs and history are presented to trigger genuine interest.
  • Exam stage: Students must take timed trials to learn the most efficient techniques. For each problem, every perspective will be explored and distilled into a set of exam-ready methods.

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Our Strengths and Track Record

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100% improvement of at least 3 grades

  • Testimonials from former students achieving distinctions in math. Over years of teaching math, our track record includes helping A-Level JC math students improve from ‘E’ to ‘B’ in just 6 lessons.
  • 100% of IB students achieved grade ‘7’ or ‘6’
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Continued guidance through tertiary education

  • Our former students return for math consultations even after graduating from JC and secondary school.
  • Students trust us to help with math modules in university and polytechnic, in diverse disciplines such as Economics and Engineering. Some even consult us for Excel VBA programming to support their internship roles.
1-to-1 and small classes for IB mathematics
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One-to-One & Small Class Sizes

  • Progress at your own pace with one-to-one personalised attention from a private math tutor who caters to your learning style
  • You can choose to join our small group of 2 – 3 students or class of 4 – 8 students for the most suitable learning environment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are our lesson fees?

These are our tuition rates for IB math:

Group Size


Per 4 lessons
(Total 8 hours)



Small Group

2 students


Small Group

3 students



4-8 students


How long is each class?

Each IB math tuition class is 2-hours long.

How frequent are our classes every week?

The number of tuition classes each week depends on whether it's the exam period:

Non-exam period

Exam period

Once a week

Up to twice a week

What are the days and timings available for our classes?

One advantage of engaging a private tutor is that you can find a schedule that meets your needs.
Here are our weekly timeslots



Mon - Fri

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM


9:00 AM

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM


Please enquire.

Where are our classes conducted?

We conduct one-to-one and group lessons, in-person and online. Here are the different venues:

Group Size


• One-to-one

• Small group (2 – 3 students)

2 Toh Yi Drive, Singapore 590002

(Beauty World MRT Exit C, beside Bt Timah Market)

Class (4 – 8 students)


Held over Zoom

What IB math subjects do we teach?

We specialize in the following subjects:



International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

• Analysis and Approaches Higher Level (IB Math AA HL)

• Analysis and Approaches Standard Level (IB Math AA SL)

• Applications and Interpretation Higher Level (IB Math AI HL)

• Applications and Interpretation Standard Level (IB Math AI SL)

Is IB math difficult?

What are the challenges of taking the IB?

The challenges faced by IB students are multi-faceted and we will explore them in detail.

According to The Straits Times (Jan 4, 2022) ‘Singapore students excel in IB exams, with 133 out of 238 perfect scorers globally’. With more than half of the 45-pointers hailing from Singapore, it is indicative not only of the exceptional calibre of our IB students, but also the immense demands thrust upon them. Their stellar achievements refute the long-held, unsavoury opinion that Singaporean students are rote learners. Unsurprisingly, Anglo Chinese School Independent (ACSI) and St. Joseph's Institution (SJI) rank eminently among global top IB schools.

In Singapore, IB is the second most popular pre-university programme, with about 2,200 students taking the IB vs 12,000 students taking the A-Level. Despite the programme being accredited since 2005, the IB cohort size is less than 20% of the A-Level cohort. Owing to scant demand, there are inadequate study materials published for IB. Each year, up to 17 prelim papers are set for JC A-Level students, but for those in the IB programme, it is slim pickings.

SEAB authorises three different publishers to print the same set of questions for the A-Level TYS, which are accessible and inexpensive. Standing in stark contrast, IB papers are online-only and retail at USD 7.99 (per individual paper, not per set). The IB Organisation, being non-profit but not without legal rights, diligently hounds down any unsanctioned distribution of its past papers.

Many established A-Level tutors do not teach IB Math, though many also pass over A-Level H1 Math. Regrettably, there is an overt asymmetry between the services offered to IB and A-Level students, with IB getting the short end of the stick. Here at eipimath, we hope to be a trusted partner for IB students taking HL Math and SL Math.

How is IB math different from A-Level math?

Comparing the IB and A-Level, their assessment criteria are different as night and day. Across the IB curriculum, every subject has its internal assessment, accounting for 20% - 33% of the final grade, in various forms such as oral works, fieldwork, lab work, written investigations and art performances.

For IB HL Math, 80% is based on three written exams graded externally by IB, and a sizeable 20% is based on math exploration, an individual 12 – 15 page research paper graded internally by school teachers. A-Level H2 Math is the clear-cut humdrum, 100% based on two written exams graded externally by Cambridge.

IB math has branched into two courses, Analysis and Approaches (AA), and Applications and Interpretation (AI), but ACSI and SJI only offer AA.  Furthermore, IB AA HL Math and A-Level H2 Math have diverged substantially over the years. In their highly dissimilar states, quibbling over which math is ‘harder’ is only as useful as a chocolate teapot. IB AA is considerably more developed in Calculus, introducing continuity and differentiability, evaluating limits with l’Hopital’s rule, and Euler’s method as a numerical solution to first order differential equations. But IB AA has dilemmatic trade-offs in Statistics, having removed Central Limit Theorem, unbiased estimators of mean and variance, and hypothesis testing – topics which are ubiquitous in university courses. As the cliche goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

Cut to the chase, IB math is not simply A-Level math repackaged, and existing A-Level materials are incongruous with the teaching of IB. Here at eipimath, we incorporate the latest trends in the IB syllabus, and curate content that is tailor-made for IB students.